int elligence = 0; boolean ofIt = true; char ging = 'l'; int vating; float up; char seng = 'o'; char tered = 'v'; char riots = 'e'; char[] movement = {}; void setup() { movement = append(movement, ging); movement = append(movement, seng); movement = append(movement, tered); movement = append(movement, riots); size(900, 800); textSize(20); background(0); } void draw() { for (int life = elligence; life < movement.length; life++) { float ing = noise(frameCount/(life+1))*width; pushMatrix(); translate(ing, random(height)); rotate(ing); fill(255, 20); text(movement[life], 0, 0); popMatrix(); } } //How it is read: //In the beggining there is intelligence //No Bull. Eons of it. It's true. //Charging inside it is elivating //Floating up. Chasing the ohhhhh! //As if chartered //A path is met at the base of life lines //Diverging out //Carried by charriots we are emergent //Whilst charred boxes lay still //We append the ging seng //We append higher education //We append riots as movements //into a movement often //indexed and boxed in //But what moves over and over again? //for coming into to this life //amounts to intelligence //life is //for as long as there is movement //life moves //and love moves //through this path //drawn at the origin //Floating //Life and oneness //are noise moving by a bredth //reduced by the divisiveness of movement //we are constantly translating //often to seemingly random heights //orbiting around origins //filled with transparent light //drawn with life's movement as it is seen //before finally returning over again //to intelligence, life, movement and love.